C. Elvy (Shepherdswell 2016)

Paul and his team were absolutely fantastic. I must admit that the last thing I wanted to do was to arrange my Grandad’s funeral, it was hard enough losing him…but meeting Alex to make the arrangements was such a simple and easy process- I felt so much better within a few minutes of being there. I had contact with Julie later down the line, what a lovely lady! There was so much empathy and kindness from everyone there. The hearse arrived at my Nan’s as arranged, with Paul walking in front, I felt my Grandad could not have had a more dignified goodbye. For an extremely difficult day, it was made manageable by all of the Sullivans staff. The bearers were professional, and everyone made the comment that it was exactly the kind of send off they would want. They have since made arrangements with the church yard of our choice for internment of the ashes, another thing that had been playing on my mind. All in all, they made a scary process very simple…and I can’t thank them enough.

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