Do you need help arranging a woodland burial?

Woodland Burials

A natural alternative in Kent

Saying goodbye is a deeply personal experience.  We’re here to help you plan a natural funeral the way you want it.

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Need help planning a woodland burial?

Eco-friendly burials for all Kent

Woodland burials are an increasingly popular choice for people looking for an alternative to the mainstream, or those simply looking for a tranquil resting place.

These types of burials are often referred to as green burials or natural burials.

They are held in woodlands and green spaces all over the country, with a number of sites in Kent including Ashford, Tenterden and Sittingbourne.

Many natural burial sites are designed and maintained in a way that supports wildlife and the environment and creates a healthy environment for wildlife such as birds, deer and foxes to flourish.


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At Sullivan and Sons plan, organise and conduct specialist funerals for the whole of Kent including woodland burials.

We can help to make the ceremony truly special, with touches such as environmentally friendly coffins made from natural wood or bamboo.

Just ask us how we can the ceremony personal to you and your loved one.

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